Career Help for Self-Taught Devs

Feeling lost? Frustrated?

With enough trial and error, you might stumble on the right keywords, the right wording, and the right portfolio projects that will land you a job. But if you don’t… How long are you willing to wait to change your life?

After years of mentoring new devs, as well as the time spent on my own career, I’ve mastered the skills it takes to get a job. Now, I offer resume and portfolio services to help put you on the fastest path to success.

Want proof? Here’s what others I’ve worked with have to say:

“This was so excellent and helpful, thanks!"

“I really appreciate the help. I had an interview today that went well, so I’ll have to get through a second interview but I feel okay about it! Thank you :)"

“Incredibly helpful feedback about structuring everything like proof of skills. Thank you so much. You’re doing amazing work to encourage newbies in software dev."

“Thank you so much Allison! Very relevant points. You’re doing a great service!"

Resume Critique - $39

  • Full review of resume with suggestions
  • 1 cover letter template

1-on-1 Guidance - $99

  • Full resume critique
  • Review of portfolio website with suggestions
  • LinkedIn review
  • 1-on-1 chat for personalized guidance
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