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As if learning to code wasn’t hard enough, now you have to convince someone to hire you.

How do you get experience to put on your resume? What jobs are you qualified for and where do you find them? How do you stand out in a growing sea of applicants? And why would a hiring manager pick you over someone with a degree?

I asked myself these questions a lot when I first started out. As a self-taught developer, I battled the ups and downs of breaking into tech with virtually no guidance or support. It was frustrating and stressful. But eventually, it happened. Becoming a developer had a huge positive impact on my life. And years later, my only regret is not getting there sooner.

That’s why I created a free mailing list with stories and tips to help other self-taught developers get their first dev job. Plenty of resources are available to teach people how to code, but few exist to help people start their career. Learn from the stories of how others like you got their foot in the door and get clear, actionable steps you can take today that will land you your dream job tomorrow.

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